If you have a safeguarding concern please email

Our safeguarding policy:  

Advice from the police: 2020-21 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Key messages for parents

  • Trust your instinct for signs, you know your child better than anyone
  • Have your children suddenly become very secretive?
  • Are they sad or withdrawn but won’t say why?
  • Do they seem distracted
  • Do they have sudden mood swings?
  • Are they unable to switch off from their phone or social media?
  • Have open conversations with children about their internet usage.
  • Use parental controls and seek guidance from the available free resource.

TVP is strongly advocating for information on staying safe the use of the NCA CEOP website – this contains links to advice for children at different age groups, parents/carers and professionals including teachers.

The safeguarding team at the council have asked us to highlight this website for children to seek assistance if required: