Meet our staff

Senior Leadership Team
Rebecca Holmes – Head of School
Michelle Griffiths – Deputy Headteacher
Lindsay McClimont – Assistant Headteacher
Rick Willett – Student Wellbeing and Theraputic Support Manager/Acting Deputy Headteacher
Kate Bartlett – Academy Business Manager
Di Waine
Elishia Meade
Emma Fleet
Kate Bishop
Jacob Jeffries (Curriculum Lead)
Rod Horsley
Rob Moar
Robyn Kingston
Jess Davies
Sarah Gristwood (Early Years Lead)
Pastoral Support Workers
Michelle Rolfe
Natasha Maxwell
Fiona Morris
Nicky Clarke
George Hanley
Gail Phillips
Thomas McClimont
Martha Cage
Michael Birchmore
Teaching Assistants
Mhairi Ireland
Heather Porter-Hornblow
Ashli Bartlett
Belen Arrebola
Amy Edwards
Sarah Smith
Charlotte Hiner
Elizabeth Hiner
Yvonne Turner
Rochelle Walker
Nadine Pettitt
Liam Green
Nicholas Calloway
Lisa Rochford
Britney Mearns
Morgan Jones
Site staff
Neil Cherry – Site Manager
Hazel Shelton – Cleaner/Kitchen Assistant
Hafiz Zahran – Site Support
Admin staff
Amy Armstrong – Pupil Administrator


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