The fun and colourful artwork of Henri Matisse makes a great inspiration for children’s painting and collage. We will be exploring, throughout this year, what his statements regarding the significance of art mean to us, and how his thoughts and approach can inspire our own artistic journeys…

“Expression, for me, does not reside in passions glowing in a human face or manifested by violent movement. The entire arrangement of my picture is expressive; the place occupied by the figures, the empty spaces around them, the proportions, everything has its share.”  – Henri Matisse, 1908, Notes of a Painter

“In art, truth and reality begin when you no longer understand anything you do or know and there remains in you an energy, that much stronger for being balanced by opposition, compressed, condensed. Then you must present it with the greatest humility.”  – Henri Matisse                                                                                                                                                                                            

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