MOMA Gallery has 4 classes which consist of students in Years 5&6.

Students in MOMA Gallery are grouped dynamically to promote and support:

  1. appropriate friendship groups

  2. shared learning styles

  3. shared engagement and interest levels

  4. highly individualised programmes personalised to learning goals

  5. regular opportunities for the acquisition of independence and life skills

MOMA’s classes are as follows:

Hockney – Mr R Moar

Monet – Mrs M Rolfe

Van Gogh – Mrs K Burns and Mrs A AAllum

Miro – Miss K Bishop

Students in MOMA Gallery are supported by the following additional adults:

Mrs B Hiner

Miss M Jones

Miss R Walker

Miss E Scholey

Miss N Perisi

Mr M Birchmore

Miss H Wellbourne

Mr P Moya

Mrs S Smith

Mr T McClimont

Mr A Hicks

Miss M Routh