About Us

Aims and values

All students:

  • irrespective of their special needs and diversity, are of equal value and should be encouraged to develop to their full potential. All pupils are unique and should be respected for the contribution that they can make to Northern House Academy, and in their future lives in their chosen communities;
  • will be provided with an academic provision in which the highest levels of teaching and learning are consistently delivered, and pupils are empowered to learn in a positive and creative environment;
  • will be taught by staff who strive to understand pupils’ needs, are well qualified and have respect for their special needs and diversity;
  • will be taught in an exciting, safe, and stimulating learning environment with teaching and learning based on a foundation of sound teaching practice, supplemented by a willingness to adopt responsive and flexible approaches and the most recent evidence-based research;
  • will be educated in a community which demonstrates a positive ethos and a culture of mutual respect;
  • will be supported by a specialist environment designed specifically to meet their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.